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Let’s start where we left off last time

The bump input accepts a shader that perturbs the normal for bump mapping.
Use is possible at mia_material_x and mia_material_x_passes.

Overall Bump
There is no influence of “No Diffuse Bump”.

Standard Bump
There is influence of “No Diffuse Bump”.

I dont know why there are two bump.

No Diffuse Bump
Applies bumps to all components except the Diffuse parameter.


Bump Mode
I dont know. someone ,please tell me.

Mental ray bump

Specular Balance
The strength of a highlight and reflection can be adjusted.

Cutout Opacity
Applies an opacity map to completely remove parts of objects.

Additional Color
Input to which you can apply any shader

Output Maya 2009 passes
??? I dont know. someone ,please tell me.

= 2013/04//30追記 =
mia_material  Preset

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